Re-Use Old Tires With These 15 Creative Ideas

Tires are not inexpensive; since you’ve spent a great deal of money on them, it would be a waste of that money if you simply throw it away when you no longer use it. Turns out, you have plenty of use for them with these 15 recycling ideas.

Dog Bed

You can simply re-paint your old tire and it would make for a creative bed for your pet dog.

Tire Lamps

This will require a bit of work and skill, but the end result could be worth it.


Mirror Frame

This would be great for smaller tires, such as bicycle tires. It provides a nice accent to your mirror, especially when you re-paint them.

Tire Planter

Again, with a little creativity and a fresh coat of paint, it will look beautiful in your garden.

Tire Table

You can add layers of tires and place a glass top to make your own DIY coffee or center table.


Tire Swing

This is a popular idea – but you can add your own twist by designing the tires to make it a more fun place for kids!


Aside from a swing, you can cut the tires in half and use it as a hammock.

Tire Stairs

This is great for outdoor use and to make it easier to walk on slopes.


Tire Chair

This is one of those tire projects that require tools, skills and work… but it’s worth it!


Can’t take your kids to the beach? Building your own sandbox to your outdoor space will make them feel like it.

A Golden Coffee Table

Who would have known that you can turn an old tire into a majestic golden coffee table. This creative and yet affordable coffee table would blend well into your home.


A Garden in A Tire

This is such a lovely design with a cute dwarf on your tire. You can be creative while still keeping that eco friendly environment by reusing your old tire and planting something nice on it.

Turn Your Tire into an Armor

Be creative and create a very nice armor out of your old tire. You can still make a wonderful art out of it.


Tire for Your Umbrellas

This loveley tire stand for your umbrellas is just brilliant. They have mixed creativity with turning an old tire into something useful. It is very fun and smart.

A Tire Playground

You can make fun colors out of old tires and make a playground out of it that your kids will truly enjoy. You don’t need to spend a lot to make a nice reproductive play area for your children.