Modern Architecture: Examining a Three Gabled House Design

blackWhen it comes to modern home architecture, this three gabled home design tops them all. This is the perfect home design that provides the perfect blend of urban and rural architectural elements. The three gabled home design, which was developed by Sono Architects, shows two gables connected as one by a third gable at the middle. The use of dark colors and wooden elements provide a warm atmosphere and ambiance to the home.

Floor Plan

The floor plan is the heart of this house’s architectural design. It is designed to be spacious with its three levels making is suitable for a family of seven. The entire floor plan is spacious and free-flowing providing a nice blend in the interior details.


The façade of the home is made from large-format panels. The two gabled volumes are painted in dark colors while the middle one (the gable that connects the other two) is lighter to provide a nice contrast in its appearance.