Gorgeous Geometric Wallpaper Designs for Living Rooms

Wallpapers have been around since time immemorial. In the past years, people have done away with them, replacing them with paint, as more and more people choose to combine different colors using quality paint. However, wallpapers never really disappeared. As a matter of fact, they’re actually making quite a buzz with new designs and new ways to incorporate them to someone’s interior design. One of the modern designs for wallpaper right now is geometric wallpapers, which are perfect for living rooms. Check out this amazing collection of living room geometric wallpapers.


This white living room is nicely accented with colors. Check out the blue chairs, colorful throw pillows, and of course, who wouldn’t notice the colorful wallpaper? It’s amazing how a small area of wallpaper can make such a huge difference in the overall look of the living room.


At first glance, the wallpaper in this living room is a little confusing, as it looks like tiles for bathroom. However, it works perfectly with the modern design of the living room, providing contrast to the dominantly white walls and ceilings.


This blue living room gives us an excellent example of how to properly use wallpapers as accent walls. The wall on the left shows geometric shapes of different hues of blue, while the wall at the center looks like a pretty good paintjob.


The velvet couch provides a nice contrast against the purple-ish wallpaper. What is nice about this living room is the mirror one the left side, which easily makes it look and feel bigger, and trick that never gets old.


This living room utilized different and contrasting textures and patterns, which easily makes them stand out from each other. Also, the dominantly white and neutral colors provide calming and neat look for the living room.


Love colors? You might want to check out this living room. The colorful sofa contrasts each other, however, the homeowners wisely designed the room with geometric wallpaper with black, white and grey colors to balance the colorful furniture and fixtures.


Another colorful living room nicely accented with a simple wallpaper of white with black lines. Also, notice how the mirror reflects everything on the other side, which again, provides the illusion of space.


Check out that gorgeous blue couch that nicely contrasts against the orange Ottoman bench, which also nicely doubles as a center table for the living room. All these colors are neutralized with the beautiful geometric prints on the wall.


Love pink? This sassy living room may just love pink so much. We’re guessing a young teenage girl owns this space.


Honeycomb patterns are all-time favorite. They’re simply elegant and extremely versatile design. This gorgeous living room sure knows how to maximize the beautiful wallpaper with elegant furniture.


Notice how the different textures of the wall play with each other in this living room. The white bricks provide the rustic look, while the gold with black lines show elegance, the grey geometric wallpaper on the side on the other hand, provides a different color to setup the modern look.


This lovely holiday home features a nicely cut wallpaper the perfectly fits on dedicated spaces on the wall. The light colored ceiling also provides excellent contrast against the black carpet tiles.


The dominantly white living room is nicely accented with framed geometric images and a nice painting of a woman. The other side of the wall sports a light aqua blue gives a refreshing and cool look for the living room.


This living room placed the wallpaper on a recessed wall, pushing them farther from the living room, giving that optical illusion of bigger space. The black rug at the center also contrasts nicely to the yellow chairs.


The wallpaper in this living room shows an optical illusion of textured effect, providing a depth of space. The same patterns are also present on the couch, which easily doubles the effect of the wallpaper.


This condo unit sports the perfect color and pattern of wallpaper that perfectly provides a cool look of the modernly styled living room. As usual, the white ceiling provides the perfect light contrast to the wooden floor.