Beautiful Work Spaces You Wish You Worked At

officesA well designed office has a great impact on every single thing- for sure we feel good when we enter in the morning to an office that looks good. Researches shows that a well designed space that either functional and aesthetic parameters were taken in consideration when it was planned has an enormous influence on the employees that work in the office and for sure on the visitors.

In fact, the office became a kind of a second home for many of us. We are spending there many hours, therefore the impact of the design on us is so great. Colors, materials, space layout, furniture and all kind of decoration should be taken in consideration when an office is being planned. Of course creativity is a great and important parameter too. All that was mentioned and more can create a unique, stylish and of course functional office, that can easily influence the employees’ feeling, creativity and productivity. Here are some great examples. Enjoy.

Studio O+A


Nike headquarters, year- 2016, size- 70600 sf, design- Studio O+A,
Photographer- Jasper Sanidad.


Capital One Lab , San Francisco, Studio O+A ,
Photographer- Jasper Sanidad