Amazing Makeup Storage that you can do

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Every girl has their own set of make up. Thus, every girl has the same dilemma which is how to get them organized. Purchasing your own makeup storage can be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways you can organize them without spending so much.

This is a nice way to keep your brushes organized. This is made from sushi mat. You just need to insert garter in the middle to hold your brushes.

This is a practical idea for storage. You can use old clear glass containers to hold your brushes. You just need a little creativity to make it look pretty.

Wooden bowls can also be used as makeup storage. This can easily be purchased in a dollar store. Just cut the bowl in half and attach it to the wall.



This makeup palette is a good budget solution. In case you have powders just placed anywhere, you can use this idea. You just need some paper and cardboards for this project.

This is a DIY repurposed candle jar storage. In case you have some old candle jars at home, you can make this into a project. This is one practical idea for a makeup storage.

You can attach a magnet at the back of your make p. Just like this picture, it is quite amusing to look at. It is also a nice way to flaunt your makeup collection.

This is another idea using old jars. You can decorate them through hanging. You can place them on one side of your room.

This is a fashionable way to store in your makeup. With an average skill for sewing, you can create a beautiful storage such as this. Make sure to use a beautiful fabric for this.

Dinnerware can also be used for makeup storage. You probably have a lot of old and unused ones at home. You can repaint them if you like. Cached Similar

Recycling is good project idea. You can recycle plastic bottles to hold your things. Just like this picture, this is easy to do.

This is one easy project you can do for your makeup storage. Use a foam box just like this picture. You just have to put holes at the center and decorate it a bit to make it look nice.

This is a smart organizer for your nail polishes. You can use an old shoe box to store all of them. You can just wrap the box with a pretty wrapper and add little colors to it.

You might have empty boxes lying on the corner. You can use this as storage for your makeup collections. It would be nice if you have them in uniform sizes.

If you have the budget, you can use mason jars for your storage. You can attach them on the side of your mirror. It will look pretty just like this picture.

This is a clever idea to keep your brushes stand straight. In the container, you can fill it with rocks and stones. This would also make your container look more artistic.

Using old frames is an artistic way to organize your jewelry collections. This would look lovely in your room. This is a nice way to show off all your wonderful accessories.