18 Tips to Unite Living Room and The Dining Room Right

kitchen-uniteOpen floor designs are becoming more and more popular, as more and more homeowners are renovating their house’s layout in such design. Also, more house hunters prefer open floor designs. And rightfully so, as such layout offers tons of advantage for the house’s dwellers. For one, it saves space. Second, it makes the space bigger than it actually is. Third, it keeps the family and friends closer together, as there are little walls that separate the house. One of the most common open-floor designs is combining kitchen with the living room. Here are some of the best ideas on how to do it.


This ultra-modern glossy open space is a prime example of modern minimalist style. Not much décor, but definitely screams elegance and sophistication, especially the flawless, glossy floor.


The beautiful thing about modern style is that, you can actually mix and match furniture and fixtures of different textures. This modern Scandinavian-inspired home is simple yet, extremely creative in making the area appear bigger.