18 Contemporary Planters for a Stylish Garden

plantersPeople are going back to nature, and this is pretty evident on how houses are being built and designed, both in the interior and exterior. For homes, making a strong connection to nature is as easy as decorating your yard with lushes of greens and combinations of floras and faunas. If you’re thinking of styling your outdoor space with beautiful natural vibe, then here are some great tips.

1 – Mid Century Modern Planters


Mid-century modern planters like this add great aesthetics to your outdoor space without consuming too much space. It holds three pots, and works perfectly in small plants such as different types of cactuses.

2 – Plust Halful


This modern vase design adds contemporary elegance to your outdoor space. Made by Italian designer Joe Velluto, the different shapes of metal structures blends in nicely with any outdoor layout and even indoor décor.