18 Ingenious Inventions and Gadgets You Must Have

They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. That couldn’t me more true. However, it is also the man’s creativity that gives inventions the thought that is put the best use. Check out these amazingly simple, yet creative inventions that are extremely useful and convenient for our daily living.


In the kitchen, the most common space huggers are the containers of condiments, and various cooking supplies. This little oil, salt and pepper container can definitely help save up some space in your kitchen. And it’s a beautiful decorative piece as well.


Though delicious and nutritious, some people are afraid to buy whole pineapples from the supermarket simply because they don’t know, or don’t want to go through the hassles of peeling and cutting them. Well, this invention just solved that dilemma.


For hard to reach areas and tight spaces that are seem to be dust and dirt magnets, this jelly cloth provides an excellent solution. Simply press the jelly on the surface or area that you want to clean and let it to the dirty job. You can then rinse it with water to make it clean again.


With standard USB sticks, we have to plug them into our computer to know how much free space is available. Well, these USB sticks spare us from that hassle, as it displays that information on its body.


This two-bladed pizza knife may look ridiculous (it looks more like a toy bicycle than a pizza knife), but it’s extremely efficient in slicing through the dough. Plus, it looks fun as well, which kids will surely love.


Kids are terrified of the dark, and last thing you want them to do when the power goes out is crying helplessly in their room. You can give them the chance to be brave and find you in your room with these slippers with LEDs.


Fan of stuffs that let you multitask? Check out this tricycle/stroller that lets you roam your neighborhood or the city’s sidewalks while taking your child with you. It’s a more fun and efficient way to get from point A to point B.


Planning to throw a party at home? You might want to check out this jig-saw dining tray. The design lets you connect the pieces together to make a one long and big piece for certain food, and an individual tray with a wine glass holder for your guests to conveniently use.


Hate cleaning up coffee spills on your table? You might want to get this smartly designed cup that gathers spills.


Flowers bring colors and life to our living space. But flower pots are extremely easy to topple over. This flower pot however, never falls.


Public bench are either too hot to sit on or wet. Well, this rotating public bench lets you roll its sitting are to find the cool or dry surface.


This handy phone charger powers up your phone using your drink. Yep, you read that right, you have a cup holder and a portable charger in one.


Hate hair tangling on your hairbrush? This ingenious hairbrush lets you clean it real quick. You get to enjoy hair-free brush in no time.


Stressed at work? Want something to squeeze to relieve stress and relax? Why not play with balls. Yep, there’s a thing called ‘Niceballs’. It can be mounted underneath your desk and you can squeeze it any time you like. It may look silly, but it sure is an effective stress reliever.


Make bedside in bed more convenient and comfortable for your loved ones with this amazing bedside table/dining tray. It’s a multi-functional piece of furniture that saves a space and provides convenience at home.


If you love cooking and you want your measurements to be exact all the time, then this chopping board with built-in scale is for you. It look and feels like your ordinary chopping board, but with the convenience of a scale.


Don’t you just hate it when you mistakenly press the long letters and buttons on your touchscreen smartphone? Well, this keyboard for your smartphone provides a great solution for that dilemma.


This boiling pod lets you boil your favorite produce easily and conveniently. It’s easy to drain and keeps your food nicely and evenly cooked.