18 Eye-Catching Hexagonal Tile Ideas

Though timeless and chic, hex tiles (hexagonal tiles) aren’t as utilized as they should be in most homes, until recently. Aside from looking unique and beautiful, they’re extremely versatile materials, as they come in tons of different choices and can work well with almost any type of material and interior design. If you’re looking to give your kitchen its much needed face-lift, then hex tiles should be in your top list of choices.


For a mid-century modern twist, use black hex tile backsplash along with your existing red brick wall. They both can make each other stand out. Every other color placed on this kitchen will stand out as well, including your beautiful dishes.


For a clean and elegant effect on your black and white kitchen, use marble hex tile backsplash. This color scheme is probably the oldest trick on the book, but still one of the most beautiful classics that never gets old, always easy to look at.


For a timeless and easy-to-the-eye design, choose the simple and ever-reliable white backsplash. Take note of the marble countertop, that subtle variety of color and texture can make a totally huge difference on the vibe of the kitchen.


Black and white complements each other perfectly, much like in this black hex tiles on white grouts. Also, take note of the warm wood cabinets’ earthy effect. The spotless white countertop and the hex tiles with white grout complement each other perfectly.


Another good example on black and white combo, again, there’s the wood texture to elevate all three elements. So many elements working together in this kitchen, and that stainless steel backsplash perfectly draws the line between different elements.


For a chic effect, choose mosaic honeycomb backsplash with shades of grey and ivory. There’s something really relaxing to this color scheme; it looks modern, yet calming and easy to the eyes.


Love colors? Well, you don’t have to choose one color, as this hex tile can give you all the lively colors you want for your backsplash. It’s perfect for artsy kitchen.


Simple, yet dainty, and elegant, that’s what you get with plain white hex tile. The simplicity of this one is truly fascinating; simple objects like the green mug, stainless pitcher, and some succulents pop their colors up beautifully.


Grey tile contrasts nicely with white kitchen. Again, there’s the wooden element for earthy and rustic tone. They may be subtle, but they provide the much needed distinction for the different elements in this kitchen, allowing each color and texture to pop up.


Make smaller kitchen look bigger by using larger hex tiles. It looks clean and fresh. Also, simple objects like lettuce pop up their colors as they contrast against white background. The soft lighting also adds to that modernist and clean vibe.


Small hex tiles, marble countertop and some wooden elements for a chic and rustic kitchen. Different elements bring different texture, and that marble countertop is just hard to beat.


Marble grey hex tile backsplash works perfectly with pure white cabinets. The chrome and stainless steel surface of the oven and dishwasher also provides distinction for a modern feel in this kitchen. Goes to show you don’t need a lot of colors to make your kitchen look beautiful.


Marble hexagonal tile backsplash on white grout complements each other out. The black countertop and white shelves and subtle colors of the objects placed on top of it add color and distinction to each other. Also, notice how the hex tiles beautifully reflects on the glossy black countertop.


Marble hex tile backsplash also work well with stainless steel surfaces, such as stovetop oven and range hood. The white finished cabinet and windows are divided nicely by a black countertop. Notice how a simple object like the red pot pop up its color against the monochromatic background.


For a chic effect, use marble hex tiles on mint cabinet and hang up some colorful tea cups. The black countertop and gold faucet also makes a beautiful and elegant combo, making a distinction from the colorful objects on top. Again, there are the wooden storage shelves to provide that much needed ‘natural’ element to balance out everything.


White hex tile backsplash with black grout can work perfectly on almost any décor. Notice how the black faucet and simple objects like the wooden chopping board, a pot of plant pops up from the white background. The black light fixture also provides a good contrast against the white surroundings.


Give your kitchen that refined touch with copper hex tile backsplash. The black faucet and kitchen sink and grey countertop basically provides that much needed distinction for the different elements to complete that refined look that is easy to the eyes.


For a dainty and elegant kitchen, maximize all of the contrasting textures and colors, such as in this kitchen with warm wooden floor, white cabinets, marble countertop and tiny white hex tiles. Again, there are wooden floating shelves to provide that ‘natural’ element from monochromatic background.