18 DIY Pendant Lights to Spruce Up Your Home

Lights can be pretty expensive decorative fixtures for a home. Of course, we’re talking about the sophisticated designs complete with expensive elements. These beautiful pieces provide character to our homes. However, because of their hefty price tags, most of us can’t afford to get the lights that we want to have. This is where DIYs get into the picture. In this post, we will share to you some of the most beautiful DIY pendant light ideas you can use to spruce up your household.


Lace lamp obviously, is made up of lace cloth. If you want to know how this was formed into its shape, then you would be surprised how easy it was. A balloon was used as molder, then popped when done.


For modern homes, you can choose industrial lighting effect, such as this folded metal sheet. It’s a versatile piece and perfect addition for almost any type décor, whether modern, minimalist or artsy. Plus, it’s easy and cheap to make too.