18 Cleaning Hacks for the Obsessive Clean Freak

Clean freaks take cleaning seriously. If you’re one of them, then these tips are for you; here are 18 deep cleaning tips to cure your OCD.


We often store our cleaning tools in a single place, which is actually okay. What is more important is how we keep them. Instead of storing your brooms and mops on the floor getting bent and mildewed, hang them on the wall.


Some things are pain to clean, in the case of slow cookers, there are slow cooker liners – use them for easy cleaning. They’re cheap and easy to use; above all, they can help you save time from soaking and/or scrubbing. This one fits rounds and oval slow cookers.


Use salt and vinegar to make your flat iron’s steel plate smooth and shiny again. Mix two parts vinegar and one part salt, heat the mixture on the stove (don’t boil), allow it to cool, then dampen a cloth with it and rub the bottom of the iron to clean. You can also use toothbrush to brush off stubborn dirt.


Remove stubborn stains from your carpet using iron and vinegar. Mix 2 parts water with 1 part vinegar, spray it on your carpet, lay a damp rag over your carpet and then iron on the damp rag for around 30 seconds. Chances are, it will work.


A quick mix of Blue Dawn dish soap (2 parts) and Hydrogen Peroxide (1 part) can remove stubborn carpet stains as well. Simply apply the mixture to the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse. This DIY stain remover recipe works wonders.


Clean stainless steel surfaces using Pledge. This is perfect for huge stainless steel fridge, as you can bring back its shine like it’s brand new. You can use Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner and Pledge Lemon Clean Furniture Spray to make a good cleaning combo.


Purifying Light Sanitizing Cutting Board System may be expensive, but just think of all the germs embedded in your old cutting board and you will realize it’s the investment you need to make. After all, health and safety should be your priority when cleaning.


Remove gunk off your cabinets using dish scrubber. Fill it up with your trusted dish soap and voila! You have an instant all-in-one scrubbed. It makes cleaning easier, and definitely faster. So much for using your old tooth brush.


Many cleaning materials in our home can be host for bacteria. Microwave your sponge for 2 minutes to kill all the germs trapped inside it. Obviously, this only works for non-metal sponges.


Rid your toaster of gunk using a mixture of water and cream of tartar and sponge clean it thoroughly. Simply add a few drops of water to cream of tartar, then use a good sponge to rub your stainless steel appliances and you will make them look brand new again.


Remove dirt, grimes and germs off your sink drain by brushing it with baking and lemon. Use old toothbrush and brush off grimes and dirt off of your sink and then then let it drain by placing a couple of slices of lemon. Your sink will be looking and smelling fresh after this.


Freshen up your mattress using the good old, and ever-trusted baking soda and essential lavender oil. Add a few drops of lavender oil to a cup of baking soda, and with the help of a fine strainer, sprinkle baking soda on to the mattress. Let it sink for an hour, and then vacuum it off. No lavender oil? No worries, you can simply replace it with fabric softener.


Keep your baseboards free of dirt and grimes using fabric softener. It’s easy and cheap. You can choose any brand and scent you like.


Dust first, vacuum second. This way, you will be able to vacuum all dust, including those that fall on to the floor and various surfaces. Trivia: did you know that dusts are almost 80% made up of human skin?


Dust-off your candles using panty hose. Sounds silly, but this is probably the easiest, most practical and fastest way to do it. It saves you from buying new candles.


Dust builds up on almost everything, and dust build up on light bulbs can affect the quality of your light. Clean your light bulbs using microfiber cloth. You will be surprised of the big difference in light quality.



Rid your faucets of mineral deposits using wax paper. You can also do the same using the ever-dependable vinegar and cloth combo. It’s cheap and effective.


Use old socks and wet them with vinegar to clean your window blinds. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a bowl, slip on your old sock on one hand, dip it to your mixture and use it to wipe your blinds. Rinse with clean water.