18 Awesome Ways to Use IKEA Billy Bookcases

ikea-billyWe can never have too much storage space, and when it comes to organizing our home and managing all of our stuff, the best way to go is to go with the basics. IKEA has thousands of different products that we can all use to organize our home, de-clutter rooms and actually make all of our stuff work as part of our home décor. One good example is the IKEA Billy Bookcase, and here are some ideas to use them:


The space underneath the staircase is one of the most underutilized spaces for storage in most homes. Luckily, Billy Bookcases are versatile enough to work on any tight space; you can turn this tight space into a shelving unit.


Make the bookcases appear taller by putting it on top of sideboards. You get to keep your old books and decorate your home with it.