17 Ways to Use IKEA Besta Storage Units at Home

bestaIKEA is full of amazing products for people who love DIYs. Their Besta for example, is a collection of storage that can be arranged and used in various configurations as long as they’re secured to the wall. They feature doors and drawers that silently and smoothly close, thanks to the soft-close function. . They’re extremely durable, you can put whatever stuff you like on top or even sit on top it. But what really attracts people in this product is its versatility; it’s both a decorating and functional item. If you’re looking to use this product for some home DIYs, then here are some inspirations for you.


Using custom handles, you can modify the Hanviken doors for a dainty and elegant look. Add colourful items such as books, pens, flowers, and a pair of photo frame to make the furniture stand out.


You can also choose to elevate the whole storage system to make it look like it’s floating in the air and leave more floor space other stuff.