17 Nice and Easy Life-Hacks to Simplify Your Life


No dryer and you need to have your work clothes dry quick? Easy solution is put your wet clothes to a dry towel, roll the towel with your clothes inside, pick and twist as tight as possible to squeeze out excess water and then hang your clothes to full dry. It will dry fast.


What’s the cure for smelly shoes? Tea bags. Yep you read that right. Simply place used tea bags inside each shoe to absorb the smell. Leave it overnight or a couple of days and the tea bag will get rid of the smell. If your shoes are wet and smelly, you can also fill it with rice and baking soda, and leave it for a couple of days.


New shoes feel tight? Want to stretch them out a little bit? Worry not. The easy solution is to stuff each shoe with wet newspaper as tight as you can. Let the shoes dry (or you can use a blow dryer set at low heat mode) before using.