17 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Look Fancy

cheap-fancyWe all desire to have that luxurious and elegant home décor theme! Unfortunately, not everyone can afford spending a lot of money on luxurious home furnishings. But who says you cannot update your home and make it look fancy even when you don’t have the budget for it! Take on these fun, creative and budget-friendly makeover tips to make your home look more expensive than it really is!

1 – Add a Triptych


A triptych is the easiest décor idea you can incorporate into your home to make it look like it was done by a professional. It could be three photo frames or wall art – it’s up to you!

2 – Make it Big


Large, spacious interiors are often the qualities you would remember with luxury homes. Create that illusion of a luxurious and big space at home by adding a large rug to cover one area of the house.