17 Genius Ways to Reuse Your Tights and Pantyhose

Pantyhose and tights will eventually end up unwearable after some time of use and abuse. As soon as they get a hole or run in, most of us consider them useless. Or are they really? Well, because we love DIYs and recycling/upcycling, we have scoured the internet to gather some of the best ways and ideas to reuse our old and unwearable pantyhose and tights. Check out the amazing things we have found.


Many of us dread harmful chemicals present in cleaning products. That is why we opt to make our own cleaning solutions using homemade cleaning products. However, most of the time, our cleaning mixture cause clogging in our spray bottles. Easy solution? Tie a small piece of nylon at the other end of the sprayer and secure it with rubber band. Problem solved.


Hate picking and peeling hair off your hairbrush? Well, that’s almost always inevitable, but you can keep them from clinging at the bottom in the first place by placing a nylon on the base of the brush. When it’s time to get rid of hair, simple peel the nylon off.