17 Genius Ways to Decorate with DIY Shelves

Shelves are amazing storage spaces by themselves; they don’t require a lot of space, and they can function as a decorative fixture in your home simultaneously. If you’re looking to add some storage spaces in your house, without making your walls look cluttered, then this post is for you. Here are some of the best ideas for DIY shelves.


A round shelf, why not? After all, it’s the little things that make the house tidy. Hanging this shelf on your wall will give you spare space for essential items that you need every day, such as your keys, etc. Plus, it doesn’t take a lot of space.


You can use cinder blocks and some wood for a shelf that you can make in as fast as a few minutes. Add some potted plants, books and storage boxes to complete its purpose. No construction needed. Indeed, easy as pie.


A triangular shelf, again, why not? Good thing about this is you can place them in certain way that you save vertical space, such as place inverted triangle beside a regular triangle. Practical, and artsy.


Don’t know what to do with your old skate boards? Why not use them as shelves and come up with a unique bookshelf that will surely impress your guests. All you need are some brackets, bolts and washers, threaded rods and drill to attach multiple layers.


Hate drilling your wall? Simplify everything by hanging your shelves with rope and make a swing for your stuffed toys, one way to put your stuffed animals on display. This one’s perfect for children’s room.


If you like vintage style, then this wooden log shelf is definitely for you. It’s easy, inexpensive, and definitely looks amazing up on your naked white wall. It’s actually just a simple utilitarian ladder with a handful of L-brackets.


Your shelves don’t have to be the usual wood plank. For small spaces, such as your kitchen, you can affix half-moon shaped wood to your wall for a beautiful rustic effect. They require less space and provides beautiful country look to your wall.


For rooms or areas in your house that you want to go bold, you can recycle old suitcases and make shelves out of them. Cut those suitcases in halves and affix them to the wall. It helps you free up your closet and storage space by making use of old stuff you have.


Shelves don’t have to be complicated. Simple rectangular-shaped shelves arranged in different styles with holding different stuff can make a huge difference on your wall. Should you want to put objects of various colors, choose white for the shelves to make those colors pop out.


Maximize a wall in your house by transforming it entirely into a storage space made up of shelves. It lets you put important objects such as books and decorative pieces altogether. In this photo, the wooden planks are supported by black pipes, good example of modern design


You can also opt for shelves with belt straps, such as in this photo, which uses a beautiful light-colored wood. They’re extremely easy and cheap to put up. Not to mention they look totally amazing, especially when you place colorful objects on it.


Who doesn’t like birch? This birch shelves shows us exactly why we love this tree; the glossy and spotless white wooden planks perfectly complements the texture of the birch branches. Again, the concept of these DIY shelves is to come up with beautiful design without spending huge amount of money, and this one’s a good example of that.

Put together several crates like a jigsaw puzzle and you will end up with plenty of storage space. It’s easy, practical, and definitely creative. Not to mention you can arrange and organize your stuff any way you like, making the crates look more like a creatively made piece of furniture in your home.


This creative shelf is actually made up of a pair of old crutches. Upcycling is the idea of DIYs, and this versatile shelf is one good example of that. The great thing about this shelf is it’s movable. It’s not affixed to the wall, meaning, you can place and position it anywhere you want in your home.


Another good way to maximize vertical space with open shelves is by hanging the shelves. It adds a nice touch to the wall, and to the entire room, without requiring a lot of work. It’s simple, yet beautiful, especially if you know what stuff to place on it.


Much like the circles and the triangles, hexagonal shelves provide a decorative element to your wall. Again, it doesn’t take much space, and can be placed close together any way you like. They can be on top of each other, joined on the side, etc.


If you don’t like drilling lots of holes on your wall, then this one is for you. All you need to do is hammer one nail on the wall and use strings to hold your hanging shelves. Obviously, you can’t put a lot of stuff or any heavy stuff on this shelf, as it will collapse.