17 Easy and Brilliant IKEA Kura Bed Hacks for Your Kids

kuraIKEA provided us with some of the most beautiful and practical DIY options for our homes, making them a haven for DIYers. Their Kura bed collection for example, is a great alternative for parents looking to spruce up their children’s room without having to spend thousands of dollars. If you’re looking to use IKEA products to remodel your kids’ bedrooms, then this post is for you. We will feature some of the most awesome IKEA Kura beds ideas.


Turn the IKEA Kura bed into something magical and play with your kids’ imagination by making a minimalist castle bed. Plus side of this is it’s easy to setup and maintain.


If you have a beautiful pattern on your wall, you can easily repeat those patterns to your kid’s IKEA kura bed to make it blend in with the room nicely.