17 DIY Light Fixture Ideas Using Repurposed Items

If you love DIY projects, you will find it easy to create unique and imaginative light fixtures using repurposed items. Aside from saving as you no longer have to purchase light fixtures (which can be extremely expensive), you can also create a unique accent to your home that you won’t find elsewhere. Get your creative juices going with these 17 DIY light fixture ideas using items that you already have at home.

1 – Mason Jar Lights


Mason jars are very handy items to have at home. If you have a few extra that you can spare, you can transform them into creative DIY pendant lighting fixture. This type of lighting is great for providing more accent to your kitchen or dining area.

2 – Bicycle Wheel


This is another DIY lighting idea that requires a lot of out-of-the-box creativity. Attach small light bulbs around the entire wheel. Attach it to your ceiling to create an instant statement lighting fixture that would be great for any room!

3 – All Tied Up!


Got a few extra meters of rope in your garage? Why not turn it into a lighting fixture! It is a great idea to add that barn and rustic feel to your home.

4 – Copper and Rose Gold


This one might require some special tools to work with. However, work with any spare metal you have – copper or rose gold. Use it to transform a simple lighting fixture and make it extraordinary.

5 – Wine Corks


Can’t afford an expensive chandelier? Don’t worry – you can collect wine corks and make one out of them! You can use an old electric fan cover as base for your corks to form a chandelier-like type of lighting.

6 – Tea Cup Lighting


Almost every household has a tea cup set hidden somewhere. If you have a few pieces to spare, you can make a lighting fixture out of them. Attach them in reverse and drill a hole into the tea cup and saucer so you can add the light bulb in. Bet you never thought of this!

7 – Sunglasses


Speaking of an idea that you have never thought of, did you ever think you could make a lighting fixture out of your old sunglasses? It is fun and creative, while also adds a lot of personality into your home décor. You can opt to have the same color of sunglasses or opt for different colored ones to make it more fun!

8 – Plastic Spoons


On first look, you might think it is a lighting fixture made of expensive materials. But when you look closely, it is actually made up of plastic, disposable spoons. You will need a bit of patience for this but it will be worth it when you see the end result.

9 – Twigs and Branches


This DIY lighting fixture idea is another one to try if you want to add a rustic feel to your home décor. Attach bare light bulbs onto each twig or branch. This lighting fixture is surely going to add a lot of style statement to your living room.

10 – Plumbing Pipes


The ideas for your DIY lighting fixture project just keep getting better. If you have any old plumbing pipe that you have no use of, why not turn it into a lighting fixture. It is fun, unique and easy to do!

11 – Cheese Grater


This is another rustic DIY lighting fixture to try! Use your cheese grater (as many as you like) as your new source of lighting fixture idea at home. Drill them into a block of wood for a more rustic effect.

12 – Spherical Lighting Fixture


This lighting fixture might look complicated, but it is actually easy to do. All you need is a thread, glue and balloon. You can even try out various colored balloons!

13 – Ladder


Almost every home has a set of wooden ladder. If you have one lying around in your garage, you can make it the subject of your new DIY project. Doing this lighting fixture is easier than you think!

14 – Lantern


Transform a simple lighting fixture into something unique and creative. If you have an old lantern, you can easily turn it into a pendant lighting fixture for your home. A little creativity could go a long way!

15 – Whiskey Bottles


Don’t throw those whiskey bottles away! If you thought they’re no good without the conte, think again. This whiskey bottle DIY lighting fixture looks more expensive than it is!

16 – Bait Basket


It is interesting to see how ordinary materials can look good with a little creativity. Case in point: this bait basket. Who would have thought it can be transformed into an elegant lighting fixture?

17 – Globe Pendant Light


Got an old globe that you no longer need or use? Cut it in half and attach it to a basic pendant light. It adds another element of creativity to a simple lighting fixture.