17 Cheap But Ingenious Ways to Doll Up Your Home

cheapHome makeover is often an expensive project, which is why we either save up for it, or just let it be. Those who rent their homes also don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to improve a house they don’t own. But did you know there are actually tons of DIY ways to decorate your home without spending a big amount of money? Here are some cheap, but fun, creative and ingenious ways to spruce up your house or apartment.

1. Use Post-Its As Your Wallpaper


Well, technically you may spend a couple of dollars for this project, but that’s barely a fraction of a cost for a new wallpaper, right? Use your creativity and get different colored post-its to make a beautiful wall.

2. Use Different Patterns


Or you can use different paint patterns like this one. It is very simple and it goes well with your living room. You can enjoy watching movies or read your favorite books.