16 Creative Ideas for Decorating Teen Rooms

teenWhen it comes to their bedroom, teenagers want it to look like exactly what they have in mind. However, decorating their bedrooms can be a little tricky; they don’t need those toys anymore as they want to feel adult, but they still want the cute stuff. This is most obvious among teenage girls’ rooms, which has lots of areas to consider, from closet to vanity, sleeping zone to study zone. If you need help on how to decorate your teenage daughter’s bedroom, then here are some great ideas.

1. Make Everything Convertible


If you don’t have the luxury of space for a large bedroom, then maximize each inch of space by making everything convertible. This chic bedroom highlights a wooden podium that efficiently separates the rest of the room, while providing more storage space and even a desk.

2. Use Colors that Work Well Together


Shades of blush, caramel and vanilla work well together, as shown in this photo. You can also add some functional fixtures like a comfy storage rack behind the bed.