17 Cool Things Designed for Parents to Take Care of Their Babies


Strollers a bulky must-have for toddlers. Though they make things convenient and easier for parents as we walk around the city with our baby, they can be a hassle to bring with. This super compact stroller however, offers a wonderful foldable solution. The stroller can be folded and fit inside a bag.


Want to know why your baby is crying? Check out the Infant Cries Translator. This app claims to understand your baby’s cry with 92% accuracy, including hunger, tiredness, pain, change of diaper, etc. This is based on their analysis and research of 200,000 recordings of newborn babies.


Keep your child’s milk warm all the time using a self-heating bottle. This bottle allows your kids to drink warm milk, anytime, anywhere. And no, it doesn’t come with electric cables, as it heats the milk using just a mixture of salt and water.