17 Cool Things Designed for Parents to Take Care of Their Babies

Technology and creativity of the human mind have come a long way. Now we have countless of amazing products to make life easier, especially for taking care of our kids. We have scoured the internet and gathered amazing products for kids intended for adults.


Illuminated balls make a fun lamp for modern rooms. Many parents however, brought illuminated balls to keep their kids from being scared of the dark at night.


Know your baby’s height, weight, and food schedule as well as keep track of daily routine using your smartphone and this smart changing pad.


Strollers a bulky must-have for toddlers. Though they make things convenient and easier for parents as we walk around the city with our baby, they can be a hassle to bring with. This super compact stroller however, offers a wonderful foldable solution. The stroller can be folded and fit inside a bag.


Want to know why your baby is crying? Check out the Infant Cries Translator. This app claims to understand your baby’s cry with 92% accuracy, including hunger, tiredness, pain, change of diaper, etc. This is based on their analysis and research of 200,000 recordings of newborn babies.


Keep your child’s milk warm all the time using a self-heating bottle. This bottle allows your kids to drink warm milk, anytime, anywhere. And no, it doesn’t come with electric cables, as it heats the milk using just a mixture of salt and water.


Having your kid lost in a sea of people is a parent’s nightmare. This safety bracelet makes that less frightening for you and your child, as you can easily locate them with this bracelet connected to your smartphone via app and within the device’s tracking radius.


Thermometer always falling off? You might want to check out this thermometer sticker. Simply stick the sticker right on the skin of your child and the sticker will send information to your smartphone via app. This tool works with great accuracy, no more guesswork for mod and dads.


Kids hate toothbrush, and understandably, this makes it very difficult for parents to have their kids brush their own teeth. Make brushing fun for your kids with this smart toothbrush. It connects with your smartphone and shoes kids a fun, 3D and interactive ways to brush. It’s like a game where they earn points and prices every time they brush their teeth.


Learning to crawl, stand and walk comes with lots of falls and bruising for infants. Not to mention our homes can be full of sharp stones and rough surfaces, which can be harmful for our child’s delicate skin. Enter knee pad, a quick and easy solution to protect your kid’s knees as they learn to walk.


Teach kids to feed themselves and hold utensils using fun plates such as these. It makes eating fun, and saves parents from their kids’ tantrums.


This hybrid device teaches your kids to eat from a spoon. It’s a combination of a feeding bottle and a spoon which makes feeding infants easier and more convenient for parents.


Pacified and teether are must-haves for infant. This hybrid of the two puts the two must-haves in one. It’s also dishwasher safe.


Help your kids fall asleep quicker with this visual and sound projector. It projects cute images to your ceiling and plays lullaby.


Does your child refuse to eat? Well, that’s a completely common dilemma. But you can simplify things by playing with them as they eat. This feeding set can do the trick.


Clothes with built-in activity monitor such as this one, helps parents check on their babies at night without disturbing their babies’ sleep. The device tracks the children’s breathing pattern, position, body temperature, etc., and passes information to their smartphone.


This fun container toys keeps all your kid’s toys in one container, making it easy for storage and cleaning.


Busy with work or home chores? This automated baby rocker rocks your baby for you. It works by imitating the movement of your arms. Simply attach the device to the handle of the stroller and you can go back to your work and chores.