17 Amazing Concepts and Creation Design You Can Have For Your Home

creative-conceptNecessity indeed, is the mother of inventions and the best thing about most new inventions and concepts today is that, they’re made by the people for the people. And the internet has a handful of resources for that. Here are some of the most creative and impressive concept designs.

1. A water saving faucet with extraordinary design


A young designer has come up with a great idea on combining saving water and energy. At the same time, she also created a beautiful design that would make the water look majestic. Simin Qiu’s invention will let you save 15% of water with the same pressure.

2. Lamp that look like balloons


Sleep like in your outer space. This is the best design idea that you can make for your children. You will absolutely fall in love with these lamps and your children will feel magical whenever they sleep.