17 Awesome Ways to Use Birch Wood for Home Decor

A beautiful interior design contains a lot of elements, but usually, it is the unique ones that stick to our minds and captivate our attention. Most of us often get fascinated with the wonderful home decors we find in magazines and TV. The thing is, there are countless of ways to do it, and there are absolutely innumerable materials and elements that can be used. One good example of a unique material/element is birch, and here are some ideas on how to incorporate them in interior design.


This bedroom may be made with modern design in mind, as it features futuristic elements and black and white color combo, but the gorgeous birch branch headboard just seals the deal. Add the pin lights for dim lighting effect and you have a gorgeous bedroom.


Wood and glass always seems to work together well. But this one shows us another level of compatibility, as they make an elegant and stylish bookshelf. The dark wall also allows the birch wood to pop out, completing the look of chic and sophisticated vibe.