17 Awesome Garden Fountain Ideas You Can Have for Your Backyard

fountainsWater features can easily transform regular, if not dull-looking spaces into something wonderful. The sound of fresh water running or flowing always seems to have that harmonizing qualities, calming, relaxing and refreshing for the mind. This is why many people choose to a fountain or pond in their gardens and backyard. If you’re looking to add outdoor water feature in your home, then here are some nice inspirations for you.

1. Bubbling Fountain


Bring your garden to life with a simple bubbling fountain that generates that soothing and calming sound of water. It will help you meditate and think about the positive things in life. This will boost your energy throughout the day.

2. 3-Level Water Feature


A three-level water feature perfect for small spaces in your garden. The running water would represent infinite blessing to your family. It would enrich life and abundance to your home.