16 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom, Laundry and Closet

organize-bathroomOrganizing your home doesn’t only require a lot of work, but more so creativity and practicality. Keeping things on their dedicated spots and places also requires everyone’s help. Thus, the best way to keep things organized is to encourage everyone and make it easy for them to put things back to their spots. Here are some quick, cheap and literally easy tips to get your life together and organize your bathroom, laundry and closet without spending a dime for expensive customized furniture or remodeling.

For Bathroom Storage

1. Don’t Lose Your Tweezers


Attach a magnet inside your bathroom cabinet and stick your tweezers so you will no longer have to constantly look for it every day.

2. Or A Magnetic Rock for All Your Hygiene Tools


Magnetic racks are cheap and they take far less space than other fixtures. They can also organize your stuff and make them easy for you to find and use when you need them.