16 Adorable and Stylish Glass Countertop To Beautify Your Kitchen

glass-kitchenOther than your living room, the kitchen is one area in your home that will get the most foot traffic. It’s a great space to prepare delicious meal for the whole family to share and even entertain some of your closest friends and guests. Thus, it only makes sense that you style it like it’s one of the most central areas in your house. And one aspect you can’t ever skip in styling your kitchen is choosing the right countertop. Most homes opt for natural stones like marble and granite, or more durable engineered stones like Silestone and Caesarstone, some opt for upscale laminate, while many also choose earthier appeal with the classic wood and butcher block. One of the latest trends for a chic, modern and stylish kitchen however, is the glass countertop.


This glass countertop has a dedicated space for your fresh fruits, especially kitchen-essential fruits like lemons.


This glass countertop features quite a mesmerizing abstract work to complete an artsy-feel kitchen.