16 Mind Blowing Upside Down Designs

Normal is boring, that’s the age old saying that many people live up. For some people, such as home designers, they go overboard on completely flip things around. The result? Well, we have interesting and truly impressive works of art. If you’re in the mood of checking out these things for inspiration, or you just want to entertain yourself in the quirkiness of other people, then here are some inverted designs that will completely blow your mind.


Ever wondered what if feels like when your house is flipped upside down? Well, wonder no more, as you can experience it yourself. This upside down house in Niagara Falls is probably the second best attraction in the area, with the Niagara Falls the best one, of course.


This upside down house is called “die welt steht kopf”, a German for ‘upside down world.’ It is located at Trassenheide, in Usedom Island, Germany. It promises to bring confusion inside your head the moment you step inside its doorway.