16 Incredible Hanging Decorations for Your Outdoor

We don’t need a huge space to have a beautiful garden, that’s a fact. There are truly numerous ways to beautify an outdoor space, such as backyards and transform them into a charming garden. One of these ways is to hang your decorations to clear up space and provide something relaxing to look at. If you’re looking for some inspirations, then you are in the right page. Here are some great ideas of hanging decorations for your garden.


A hanging flower decoration is probably the easiest thing you can do to decorate your outdoor space (or even indoors). I mean, who doesn’t like to the lovely colors of these flowers? This simple décor can make a whole lot of difference in any space.


Old tires hanging on a tree is probably the most common way to recycle a tire. It’s a common sight among properties with trees on their front or backyard. But did you know that you can actually make it beautiful by using it as a planter? Paint it with a pastel color and then place blooming flowers on it and voila! Instant decoration for your outdoor space.


Have you ever thought of upcycling broken and old rain gutters? Well the owners of this hanging flower planter certainly have, as they come up with an astonishing decorative piece for their outdoor space. It’s three tiered, meaning they were able to place different types of flowering plants for each tier.


Succulents can also look awesome in bird cage. Yep you read that right, you can use an old bird cage to show case your beautiful plants, such as succulents. You get to recycle and old material and some money all at once.


For cute and space-saving hanging garden décor, you can also consider light bulb terrariums. They’re extremely beautiful, easy to make, and takes very little space, giving you more space to move around or place other handing decorations in your garden.


There are no limitations when we talk about DIY decorations. If you’re planning to host a party or gathering in your yard, then you should definitely consider making/getting these yarn balls. They’re extremely easy to make, and there are tons of information about it online.


If you’re most wine consumers, then chances are, you have quite a collection of old wine bottles stacked somewhere in your garage. Those wine glass bottles themselves can have tons of purposes, but did you know you can also use corks for decorations? Don’t throw those old corks away, and take hints from this image.


Modern homes require more stylish garden, and for a stylish garden, you need to be willing to do a little work to decorate it. This stylish floating is a good example of an excellent modern design. They painted the wood black and accented the clay pots with gold trims for elegant and sophisticated look.


As said earlier, old wine bottles have tons of purposes for decorations, as they’re versatile materials that are really easy to use. One of the best ways to utilize them is by making bottle planters. This may take some work, as you have to bore holes to the bottle, and it’s quite a tricky task, but the end product is beautiful.


If you already have beautiful clay pots in your possession, then you can use them as they are by painting them with different colors and hanging them on your wall with a rope. After all, the idea of DIY decorating is simplicity and easy process, and this one checks both boxes. Just make sure you throw away any water gets into the pots. Last thing you want is mosquito larvae thriving in your pots.


Looking for ways to upcycle your old shoulder bags? Why not use them as planter for your herbs and have a hanging bag planter indoor in your kitchen? This can make cooking really convenient.


Or you can repurpose your old baskets and transform them into a rustic and chic hanging planter for your herbs. You save space, and decorate your wall all at the same time with this DIY.


If you’re like most people, then you probably have a collection of Mason jars in your kitchen. And like most people, you seldom use these things. Well, one of the best ways to utilize them is to use them as Jar planters and hang them on your wall. Of course, you need to bore holes at the bottom of the jars to let excess water pass through. So be very careful.


Or you can use jars as candle holders and light up your garden with beautiful glowing lights. This will be a perfect piece for your outdoor garden, especially on dinner parties and gatherings.


You can also use Mason jars as candle holders, and it will not take a lot of work. Simply tie the mouth of the jar with a rope and hang it outdoors and voila! You have instant rustic candle holder.


If you have managed to keep some cans in your home and wondering what to do with them, then it’s to upcycle them for your garden by using as hanging flower vases. They’re extremely easy and quick make, you don’t even have to color the cans, as they tin can be beautiful on its own.