16 Bathroom Hacks and DIY Ideas You Should Try

You can never have too much storage space, that’s a fact. Human beings are always inclined to accumulate things throughout their lifetime, and with this, comes the dilemma of where to keep things without cluttering our homes. We use our attic, garage and even make a dedicated storage room to store various stuff in our households. One of the most underutilized rooms however, is the bathroom. If you’re looking to improve or reinvent your bathroom, then you should definitely start by adding ways to organize it. Check out these tips.


There’s a more novel way to hang your towels than the plain old hooks – use this open shelf with towel rack for idea. It looks neat and clean, plus it’s an easy project to make.


You don’t need sophisticated materials to beautify your bathroom, and you certainly don’t need complicated designs. This hanging shelf for example, uses just rope to hold the towels, candles, etc., and it looks perfect against the wall.