15 Incredible But Easy Ways to Transform Plain Clay Pots

We are yet to encounter a person who doesn’t like flowers. Well, there are some people who are allergic to it, but even them, would love to have beautiful flowering plants outside their homes. Potted plants, especially on clay pots, have this both calming and refreshing charm that is full of life we can’t help but adore. Should you decide to beautify your space even more, then you can decorate your plain clay pot into something amazing. Check out these ideas for inspiration.


Paint your clay pot and then glue it with shiny stones. Make sure you use acrylic paint with small or medium brush. You can choose whatever color you decide, it would be more beautiful to use different colors.


For succulents, you don’t really need loud and vibrant colors. This one simply wraps the clay pots with rope and placed some hot pink aquarium rocks and painted the top part of the pot with gold for a lively terracotta pot look.


If you’re a fan of chalkboard, then you can definitely transform your ordinary clay pot by painting it black. It’s a great way label your herbs, which would definitely look beautiful in your kitchen, and provides convenience when cooking.


Or you can completely forget what we said in number 2, and color your potted succulents with something beautiful, such as these pots. These beautiful DIY terracotta pots are made possible with the help of thin painters tape. It’s extremely easy to manipulate.


You can also go the extra mile and use the clay pot as canvass for flower art. This image shows a fun way to add colors and patterns to your pots, which will easily match or contrast with something else in your décor.


Cut some patterns from your lace cloth and glue them to your clay pots. You will be surprised how this simple DIY can make a huge difference in your potted plants’ look. These three looked elegant against the light pink desk and white brick wall background.


The more clay pots you have, the more options and versatile designs you can make. This image shows how you can transform the ever-humble clay pots into something beautiful with a simple material like cut-out lace.


You don’t need to decorate your pots with the same look, you can paint pots with varying designs to make a collection of colorful pots. Place those pots against plain background (such as white) and watch their colors pop out.


Putting two or more succulents in a single pot is common. But why stop there when you can go over and beyond by painting the clay pot? This image shows an example cute and chic succulent pot with white and pink color combination.


If you’re into rustic style, then you should definitely take note of this idea. The pot is wrapped with thin pieces of wood. This DIY project is as easy as pie to make.


For a chic and rustic clay pot, you can paint the pot white and glue rope on its top part for a beautiful rustic look. This pot will look great in almost anywhere you put it, as its versatile colors and design can complement any space.


You can also write inspiring words and fun quotes on your pots. Simply paint the clay pots white and use it as a canvass for your word art, such as these pots.


For a unique and fun look, you can color the pots with pastel colors and color the inside with a completely different color for contrast. With this, you don’t need plant for every pot.


For a marbled terracotta effect on your clay pot, use acrylic paint of white and at least 2 different accent colors. Mix 4 parts acrylic white paint with 1 part water, pour your mixture to a wide container. In paint-friendly jars, water-down your accent colors (1 color for every jar). Then, use a paint brush to splash drops of the colored paint to your white paint. The colors will slowly marbleize with the white paint, giving you that beautiful marble effect. Color the pots by lightly rolling the sides of the pot to the paint.


You will never go wrong with white and gold, and these pots just show us how beautiful this color combination always look. It’s an extremely easy way to perk up your potted plants, and definitely a beautiful way to decorate your home, as you can keep these pots indoors.