15 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Kitchenware

The New Year gives us the perfect time to get rid of the things we don’t need, or at least we think we don’t need. Our kitchen probably has the most stuff that we can get rid of, such as old utensils. However, before you throw them away, why don’t you think of new ways to use them? Here are some amazing ideas to reuse old kitchen utensils.


If you’ve been baking for a while, then you surely have a bunch of this in your kitchen cabinet or drawers. Well, now you can use them to improve the ambiance of any room or space in your home by making a whisk candle holder. Beautiful, simple, and rustic.


Use your old cheese grater as organizer for your kitchen. Hang it on the wall to keep everything at arm’s reach, for easy and convenient cooking. You can also use its bottom as towel holder. It can be both a decorative and functional piece.


Or you can just make use of your old mugs and make a stunning candle holder? They’re space saving and solves a lot of storage problems for your hand towel. You can put this in your bathroom or kitchen and make those spaces in your home more interesting, if not inviting.


If you have small potted plants or flowers that you want to put inside your home, then you can put them on your wall this way. That’s one rustic and chic decorative piece right there while simultaneously not causing any clutter.


Write down the recipe of your favorite dishes in a piece of stationary paper and clip them on some of your kitchen utensils. This will make cooking definitely more fun for your kitchen.


For old spoons and forks, make key holders out of them. Here’s a good idea on how to keep your keys organized.


All you need is a cup of tea to organize your pins. Provides enough room for all the needles and pins for your next sewing project. Plus, it’s easy to carry around too, thanks to the handle.


Don’t know what to do of your old tea cups and saucers? Why not glue them together and make a beautiful wall clock out of them for your bedroom or living room? It’s definitely a time piece.


Looking to spruce up your plain and boring walls with some decorative pieces? Why not take out your beautiful china from your kitchen cabinets and affix them to the wall? This example right here features varied collection of colorful china.


For a vintage touch in your kitchen, why not make good use of your old cheese graters and make cheese grater pendants? It’s chic, rustic, and easy to the eyes. Not to mention it provides excellent dim lighting as well. Choose yellow light for full rustic effect.


Don’t know where to put or how to use your tea cup collection? Here’s one fantastic way to display your collection in your kitchen. It’s easy to do, and fun to see. Just make sure you screw the holder to the wall.


Paint your cheese grater with the color you want and hang your danglings and earrings on it. It’s a space-saving and clever way to upcycle.


Make good use of your old colander by making a wind chime. This piece will make your yard look interesting. And you will be surprised how easy it is to make.



Another pendant light project is with your old iron mugs. Drill holes at the bottom of the mugs pass an electrical wire through it and add yellow bulbs for warn and rustic vibe in your kitchen.


If you’re looking for ways or projects where you can put your wooden spoons and spatulas to good use, then you can make a stupendous chandelier out of it. In this photo, the DIYer used a whopping 40 wooden spoons for the chandelier.