15 Creative Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

small-bathrooms2If you live in a small apartment or house, utilizing your space efficiently is crucial to improving your way of life. One of the best innovations around when it comes to bathroom design is to combine bathroom toilet and sink in one. For space-saving solutions that do not compromise on style, here are some toilet and sink combo ideas.

1 – White Combination Toilet & Sink


When it comes to compact design, this pair is space-saving and traditional in its design. This would therefore be great for any type of bathroom, whatever your bathroom décor may be.

2 – Combined Toilet & Basin


This classic white toilet/sink combo is great for small spaces. You can conveniently wash your hands while the water from the sink will help flush out the water.


3 – Contemporary Toilet and Basin Unit Combo


A wall hung toilet is a great way to hide the cistern in your bathroom. This built-in fit also enables you to customize the sink design while providing uninterrupted floor space.

4 – L-Shaped Sink and Toilet Combination


This is another good example of utilizing space efficiently without compromising functionality in your bathroom. Its use of luxury polymarble basin boosts the aesthetic appeal of your room.

5 – Curvy Sink and Toilet


Any unusual style will add a unique touch to your bathroom space. The curvy shaped sink will create the illusion of a bigger sink when in fact you are saving space.


6 – Wooden Sink and Toilet Combo


To add a natural touch to your bathroom décor, try the use of wooden materials for building your sink and its built-in components. It is a nice contrast to a simple white bathroom toilet.

7 – Toilet with Hidden Tank


This modern toilet and sink combo idea is great for hiding the toilet tank. The toilet appears to be lodged into the wall and blends seamlessly with the toilet sink.

8 – Modern Bathroom and Light Colored Wood


The use of wooden elements in your bathroom adds to its cozy feel. Hence, try this idea if you want to make your small bathroom appear cozy and homey.


9 – Stylish Curved Toilet and Sink


This is simple in design but is highly space-saving. The curve allows easy transition from the toilet to the sink making it as if the two components are acting as one.

10 – Sleek Sink/Toilet Combo


This is a simple but fancy-looking toilet and sink combo. It is also an eco-friendly design as the water-recycling system ensures that the system is self-sufficient.

11 – Toilet/Sink with Black Countertop


This is a minimalist design approach with a beautiful modern vibe. The use of dark colored tiles render much to the simplicity and beauty of this sink/toilet combo.

12 – Modern Sink/Toilet with Towel Bar


The use of an all-white toilet and sink combination is classic and efficient. The addition of a towel bar close to the sink adds to its functionality.

13 – Simple Bathroom/Sink Combo


Sometimes, simple is best. This particular design proves it that the smallest details make the biggest impact.


14 – Contemporary Toilet/Sink


Add a touch of contemporary design to your home with this simplistic design. It is minimal in approach but offers a lot in terms of functionality.

15 – Toilet/Sink with Wooden Storage


This is a modern design concept that will help you save a lot of space. It is simple and sleek; plus the dark wooden material adds a sense of coziness to your bathroom.