15 Best Ideas of Sustainable Home Living

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One of the many things Einstein left us is the first law of thermodynamics. Students know this as the Law of Conservation of Energy, which states “energy can never be created or destroyed”, and that it can only change in one form to another. And the fact that energy is all around us means we don’t have to be dependent on expensive electricity provided by power companies. Making your house green is no easy task, but there are easy ways to jumpstart your quest for a sustainable living. Here are some great ideas from 100% sustainable houses:

1. This House Overlooking Hudson River


Overlooking the Hudson River, this 3,000 square foot sustainable home is designed by Allan Shope, an architect turned falconer. The house showed beauty is in imperfection through its interior design, as they use reclaimed and recycled materials for its construction and décor.

2. Home with Solar Panels


Solar energy is one of the most readily available and accessible forms of renewable energy in most parts of the world, which is why it’s just common to see people taking advantage of this energy for their household, such as this house which utilizes a special design to better harness the power of the sun.