15 Awe-Inspiring Outdoor Vertical Gardens

Everybody loves amazing design, I mean, who doesn’t? If you’re into gardening, then you most likely have thought of beautifully-designed gardens, such as vertical gardens. Well, if you’re looking for some ideas to improve your own garden and transform it into a vertical one, then this post is for you. We have scoured the internet to gather the best ideas of vertical garden out there. Here’s our list.


You don’t really need a huge space to transform it to something beautiful. A simple trail house with colorful flowers can make a huge difference in how your garden looks. The trail stick can support different types of plants, and many prefer roses.


For huge buildings, you can beautify their corners with a vertical garden such as in this image. It transforms the brick wall into something spectacular, which is an absolutely unique idea to have in your yard.


Again, you don’t need a lot of space to have a beautiful garden. This household transformed their wall into a vertical garden filled with fresh produce, such as lettuce, tomatoes and various herbs. It’s easy and doesn’t cause a lot of money to make.


Crates are extremely versatile materials, as you can use them in almost any home project you wish. And of course, they make good planters for vertical gardens. Give it a try.


You don’t need a wall to make a vertical garden. This image shows you can make one by simply stacking planters made up of crates. It’s extremely easy, space saving, and convenient to maintain.


Vertical gardens can definitely transform ordinary spaces into something extraordinary. They look great, saves space, and easy to maintain. This one for example, is placed on a patio.


Or you can also transform an entire wall into a vertical garden, such as this one. It helps protect your property from curious eyes. All you have to do is build a bug wall and plant climbing plants. It’s as simple as that.


This modern home shows us how beautiful a fully bloomed vertical garden would look like. It definitely filled the wall with green ferns, giving people fresh air as soon as they step out of their home and to their backyard.


Another modern home with vertical garden. This time, they dedicated a space for their vertical garden and surrounded it with beautiful wood works, giving those plants excellent contrast from the modern background.


For people who love to cook, a vertical garden of herbs can provide the convenience you need for fresh herbs. Check out this vertical garden affixed on the wall and made up of crates – it has all the herbs you will need for cooking.


There are so many variations of vertical gardens out there, and this one right here shows another example of how this kind of gardening can transform spaces, as the outdoor dining space is nicely separated from the sofas on the other side.


You can also use your outdoor vertical garden as blinds to provide some privacy in your outdoor spaces. In this image, they beautifully covered their outdoor dining space with a beautiful vertical garden filled with herbs and flowering plants.


Hate construction? Well, you can install a vertical garden made up terracotta pots, such as in this photo. It’s an extremely easy and quick DIY to make. Not to mention it’s a beautiful upgrade.


Not enough pots? You can use buckets and plant it with flowering pots and hang them on your pergola. The end product is instant eye-candy for your backyard.


A little hard work can truly go a long way, and it shows in this image, where the homeowners have meticulously arranged their vertical-growing plants to fill their walls for a beautiful outdoor space.