15 Amazing DIY Projects You Can Do with Wood Slices


This gorgeous wood slice art used to be a simple mirror, and with a little creativity and some handy work, it was transformed into something entirely new and unique piece of work. The slices are baked at 300 degrees for 2 hours to give the wood that burnt and rustic look.


Looking to add some accent shelves in your home? Why don’t you start with your kitchen and add some modern industrial wood slice shelf such as these? They’re extremely easy to put up, and beautiful to look at. Plus, they’re functional as well!


If you have a big block of wood slice in your possession, then that’s good news, as you have tons of options to work on it. One of the great ways to utilize it is by making a house number sign out of it. This one adds a mason jar for decorative purposes, and the end product is just lovely.