15 Amazing DIY Projects You Can Do with Wood Slices

Wood is an excellent material to work with, and for DIYers, they’re the one of the most versatile, inexpensive and beautiful of all materials. They can give that warm and natural look into any home décor. But aside from choosing nice pieces of home furniture, did you know you can also make use of some wood slice decorations as well? Here are some ideas.


Let’s start the list with one of the simplest, yet most beautiful things you can do with wood slices. This art work is a thing of beauty, and obviously, it doesn’t take much work as well. This wood slab art work can spruce up the look of any wall in your house.


Wood waste doesn’t have to go to waste. All you need is a little creativity and you can definitely come up with artistic pieces that you can hang on your wall, such as this hanger. Make sure you protect the surface with lacquer though. This decorative piece brings new life to the wall.


This gorgeous wood slice art used to be a simple mirror, and with a little creativity and some handy work, it was transformed into something entirely new and unique piece of work. The slices are baked at 300 degrees for 2 hours to give the wood that burnt and rustic look.


Looking to add some accent shelves in your home? Why don’t you start with your kitchen and add some modern industrial wood slice shelf such as these? They’re extremely easy to put up, and beautiful to look at. Plus, they’re functional as well!


If you have a big block of wood slice in your possession, then that’s good news, as you have tons of options to work on it. One of the great ways to utilize it is by making a house number sign out of it. This one adds a mason jar for decorative purposes, and the end product is just lovely.


Wood logs may seem useless; after all, many of them are wastes from the lumber yard. But of course, they can be as useful or as exquisite as you want them to be. If you don’t mind doing more work on a wood slice, then you most definitely won’t mind making a wall clock out of it.


Or you can welcome your guests with a creative pumpkin tree stump with a welcome sign like this one. Just grab some paint and some items from your yard. It’s inexpensive and beautiful way to decorate your doorway.


Another way to use a wood slice is by making a plant holder out of them. This slice holds beautiful succulents while hanging against a wooden wall. It’s a simple, yet lovely decorative piece you surely would want to have outside your home.


You can also cover a pumpkin with wood slices and make a beautiful décor for your home this fall. Made up of a dollar store pumpkin, this artwork is totally unique. Wood slices are glued to the pumpkin, making a stunning piece of art.


The great thing about wood slices is you don’t need much to use them for everyday objects. This tin can for example, is covered with wood slices, making a beautiful flower vase. Surely a practical way to decorate your home.


You can arrange small wooden slivers and make a branch placemat. A perfect piece for your lunch or dinner party table. Place a succulent piece to complete that rustic look.


You can also make botanical coasters out of wood slices for your meal or picnic. It’s extremely easy, and you can hand paint each one of them as well. Just make sure each piece is cut perfectly flat.


Combine rustic with modern style and treat yourself with this lovely side table. This will look stunning anywhere, whether as a night stand or a small table beside your sofa. It’s inexpensive and beautiful.



Spruce up old stool and give them a new life with wood slices, such as in this photo which shows an ordinary stool transformed into a beautiful small table. Choose thinly, and of course, evenly sliced wood slices for this one. Also, don’t forget to treat the wood’s top surface with lacquer to protect it from elements.


Or you can just go all out and make a wooden stool out of it. It’s an awesome rustic piece that looks great for your home, whether it’s in your bedroom, living room, or even in your bathroom. Again, protect the top layer against elements with lacquer.