15 Amazing DIY Projects You Can Do with Wood Slices

Wood is an excellent material to work with, and for DIYers, they’re the one of the most versatile, inexpensive and beautiful of all materials. They can give that warm and natural look into any home décor. But aside from choosing nice pieces of home furniture, did you know you can also make use of some wood slice decorations as well? Here are some ideas.


Let’s start the list with one of the simplest, yet most beautiful things you can do with wood slices. This art work is a thing of beauty, and obviously, it doesn’t take much work as well. This wood slab art work can spruce up the look of any wall in your house.


Wood waste doesn’t have to go to waste. All you need is a little creativity and you can definitely come up with artistic pieces that you can hang on your wall, such as this hanger. Make sure you protect the surface with lacquer though. This decorative piece brings new life to the wall.