17 Ideas to Decorate Your Indoor With Plants

green-indoorA lot of people like having plants inside their house. It makes them relax and stress-free when they see the something green inside. The hard part however, is the space that these plants take up. Fortunately, we have compiled a number of ways you can do to make your indoor plants look better plus the ways to have it conserve space in your home. You do not even have to spend so much.


If you have a lot of old bottles at home, you can recycle them for your indoor plants. Just place a hole at the center and tie a rope on its mouth. You can decorate them by hanging them on a steel bar.


Basil leaves has a lot of uses. Sometimes you like using these kinds of leaves if you know where they come from. Then what better way to do than have them grow in your own indoors right? Just use some old teacups and it will all be good.